Car Theft Suspects Arrested

NEAR GOLD HILL, Ore. – Police have arrested three people who were in a stolen car that crashed on the Rock Point Bridge early Friday morning. Officers say one suspect fled the scene of the crash before being tracked down a short time later.

The car was totaled on the Rock Point Bridge, just off Exit 43. It closed the bridge to traffic for a short time. Police say the people in the stolen car were from California.

Two of the people in the car were arrested at the scene, but another suspect, 22-year-old Keyontae Taylor jumped into the Rogue River and ran off. Police used K9 units to track him. He was arrested earlier Friday morning.

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  1. Carl Paulsen says:

    Heard about this on the news Friday morning and again Friday evening. Thought maybe the location would be corrected. I know it was Rock Point bridge….but it is NOT in Sams Valley. It is close to Rogue River. Sams Valley is about 8 miles east of Gold Hill /Rock Point bridge.

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