OSP: Crashed Caused by Drunk Driver

MEDFORD, Ore. — State troopers say the man who caused some pretty significant delays on Interstate 5 on Friday was drunk when he crashed his pick-up truck.

Oregon State Police say the truck was driving northbound and towing a trailer, when Michael Griley of California swerved to miss a trash bag in the road. The truck and trailer flipped near Exit 30.

Firefighters had to cut off the top of the truck in order to get Griley and his wife out. They were taken to an area hospital, cited and released.

The couples’ two cats from inside the trailer were safely rescued and are at a shelter. Both north bound lanes and one southbound lane were blocked for more than an hour.

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  1. Kathy Childers says:

    We were coming home from Brookings and got caught in the delay. It took about 30 minutes to travel 1 mile. I’m so surprised to hear the occupants only had minor injuries by the look of the truck. especially since they had to cut off the roof to get into the cab.

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