Car Crashes Into Power Pole


ASHLAND, Ore. — Dead Indian Memorial road is now open after being shut down for part of the day today due to a car accident.

People were detoured through the Ashland Airport parking lot, and residents in the area were left without power for a couple of hours.

The car hit a power pole, knocking power lines onto the road.   One of the power lines also landed on a car.  The driver dialed 9-1-1 and was instructed to remain in the vehicle.

“Crews encouraged her to stay in the car,” said Ashland Fire and Rescue division chief, Chris Chambers. “Her door was jammed shut from the impact so she wouldn’t have been able to get out of her door anyway… so she would’ve had to climb out of the car and it was possible if she had an injury that she wasn’t willing to do that.”

Emergency crews waited for pacific power to ensure electricity was shut off and it was safe to proceed, and then they removed the driver from the vehicle.

That driver has been taken to the hospital.  Her condition was not released.