Car Crashes Into Medford Home

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A man crashes into a home but first takes out a power line and disrupts a natural gas line. Emergency crews had to act quickly to ensure everyone around remained safe.

The accident happened just after 11 a.m. Friday morning, on the corner of west 12th and Ivy Street in Medford. For unknown reasons, police say the man drove up on the sidewalk, sheared off a power pole and struck a house.

Police say 23-year-old Kyle Fisher had left the Minute Market just a half of block down the street and suddenly lost control of his vehicle. He struck the power pole and then landed inside of a home. Police say both Fisher and the woman inside the house did not receive any injuries.

Medford Fire and Rescue responded with a majority of their crews. Fifteen firefighters and three engines of their five engines secured the area as technicians worked on the damaged pole and gas line.

Initially the gas and power were shut off and the whole block was evacuated. Slowly, residents were let back into their homes, with the exception of the two houses on the left and right of the home where the accident happened. Fisher was arrested and released and is now facing charges for drunk driving and reckless driving.

One man says he saw the whole thing happen and helped keep the driver at the scene. He was out riding his bicycle and became startled by the truck’s speed. He says he rides his bike by this home regularly and waves hello to the woman living inside. So when he saw the vehicle crash into the home, he was in shock. He said he heard the loud boom and saw power lines flying in all directions.

The man didn’t want to go on camera, but he told NewsWatch12 that he and the woman living inside the house teamed up together to keep the driver on the scene. The man says normally, this neighborhood is pretty quiet when he rides his bike, so this was an unusual situation.

Christy Lewis contributed to this report.