Car Crashes Into Community Center

Car into BuildingSHADY COVE, Ore. — The Upper Rogue Community Center in Shady Cove took a big hit on Thursday – literally – when a woman rushing to an aerobics class slammed into the building, causing major damage.

A woman apparently got the gas and brake pedals mixed up, jumped the curb with her car, and took out the front corner of the building at the upper rogue community center.

The crash broke the wall open and knocked a soda vending machine over. No one was in the building, but activities planned for Thursday had to be cancelled or re-scheduled.

We’ll relocate the food pantry temporarily, and make sure that people get the service that they’re expecting to get, and continue on with best that we can,” said Operations Manager Tyler Hulsey.

The driver, 47-year old Juliette Van Weeghel of Trail, was cited for careless driving. The building is owned by school District 9, and leased by the community center. The school district will be working to get the building repaired.