Campgrounds Booked Full for the Weekend

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APPLEGATE, Ore. — Campgrounds across our region are reporting large crowds during the Fourth of July weekend.

With the Fourth of July falling on a Friday this year, campgrounds are busier than normal with several people treating the holiday as a three-day weekend.

Parking lots and camp sites are filled up through Sunday at Applegate Lake.  Many people say they had to reserve their spot at least a week ahead of time with some even marking their spot before summer even began.

Campsite hosts are busy keeping up with the crowd.

“A lot of running around and sweating, tracking the park, keeping the trash can clean, keeping the bathroom clean, keeping the store stocked… so there are a lot of behind the scenes that go in when you have five hundred people in the park like we did yesterday,” said Jim Lewis, campground manager.

Campers said they were enjoying the weekend with barbeques, fishing, and swimming.

Applegate Reservoir was recently filled making water levels there higher than other bodies of water in the area.  Campground officials said this has more people flocking to the watering hole, and although they are seeing many familiar faces returning, they are also seeing some newcomers.

On Sunday lakes and reservoirs in the area expect to see possibly the largest crowd of the weekend.  Campsite managers said Sundays are always the busiest, and they look for the number of visitors to increase even more with it being a holiday weekend.