Campaigns Calling to Reach Voters

electionsMEDFORD, Ore. — With just eight days until the May primary election, campaigns are pulling out the stops to get your vote, and that means getting your phone number and calling to get support.

When you register to vote in Oregon, your information is put on an “activity list” with the Secretary of State’s office. That list shows whether you have voted in the current election. Candidates and political actions committees can request that list, then use the information to call voters, make automated robo-calls or send our mailers asking for your vote.

But once you vote, the activity list shows that you voted, and political groups should stop calling.

“Now the quickest way to stop those phone calls from those groups is to make sure and get those ballots turned in early,” said Chris Walker, Jackson County Clerk. “Once we get data on that and get it through the system, then those phone calls should all but stop for you.”

The County Clerk’s office also said the activity list only shows whether you voted, and never shows who or what you voted for.The lists can only be used for campaign purposes.

The Clerk’s office said it has not received any major complaints about robo-calls or phone banks so far this election season.