Campaign Volunteers Make Final Push

MEDFORD, Ore. — Local campaign volunteers continue to work on Sunday in hopes of securing a few more votes. Local organizations for both the Republicans and Democrats still have plans to get out the vote as they sprint to the finish.

Organizing for America Oregon, an organization supporting President Obama, held a phone bank on Sunday in an effort to make sure voters turned in their ballots.

“Some people need more time to make up their mind, other people I know are very, very busy and between one thing and another sometimes that ballot gets shoved to the bottom of that stack of things to do on your desk. So we’re just reminding them to get it out, every vote counts,” said volunteer Teri Coppedge.

The Jackson County Republicans were not active Sunday but will pick back up and make a final push Monday morning. It is too late for ballots to be mailed in. Instead, voters must turn their ballots in to one of the drop off locations throughout the county.