Campaign Begins For “Heritage District”

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JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Another effort is gearing up to find funding for more than a dozen Jackson County Historical Societies and Museums.

The Jackson County Heritage Association says it will launch a campaign over the next several months to put a “heritage district” measure on the May 2014 ballot. If approved, the district would be allowed to levy a small tax to help pay for preservation of historic sites and artifacts.

‘It looks like, if we cap the tax so that no more than five cents a thousand, can be levied, than that’s gonna be adequate to provide support and to do some really wonderful things in addition in terms of big historic preservation projects,” said Tam Moore of the Jackson County Heritage Association.

Moore also says it will take petition signatures from 15% of Jackson County voters to bring the issue to a vote. Work begins next month to urge the county’s cities to adopt resolutions in support.