Calle Guanajuato Work Almost Complete

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ASHLAND, Ore. — Construction is wrapping up on a popular walkway in Ashland. Calle Guanajuato has long been a hot spot and tourist attraction in downtown Ashland. The alley is host to a market and outdoor seating that usually opens up at the beginning of April, but due to construction, that opening has been delayed.

In the last few months, Ashland has installed new water and electric lines and are currently putting down the final paver stones.

Some residents are happy with the improvements and think it will be good for tourism.

“It’s looking rather attractive. I think those pavers are going to be quite nice; [they will] attract more people out there hopefully,” said Dave Nickum, who lives in Ashland.

Other residents are less than thrilled with the new construction.

“I think they could have left it alone. I think it was fine. It was natural, and more what Ashland is all about,” said Ashland resident, Penny Hart.

Ashland Parks Department spent over $286,000 on the project.