Callahan’s Impacted by Snowfall Totals


MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — Mt. Ashland being closed for most of the ski season is impacting surrounding businesses in the area.

Callahan’s Lodge and Restaurant said in the winter months, it’s typically booked full with skiers coming in from around the region. This year however,  it says sales have been painful.  In January, they lost almost 25 percent of its business, and weekend bookings are half what they were last year,  but the lodge said it’s taking preparations just in case the mountain does not open.

“We trim back every place we can… we trim our costs we keep our costs as tight as we can, and keep our expenses down as much as possible,” said Callahan’s assistant manager, Ron Bergquist.

Callahan’s said its biggest loss so far is in lodging, and they expect lodging to be down for the remainder of the year.

On the plus side, starting in the spring, it said there are weddings and special events booked every weekend, which will help it make a comeback from its poor winter sales.