California Drivers Fill Up In Oregon

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Record high gas prices in California are sending drivers across the border to fill up, even as Oregon’s prices go higher.

The price of gas keeps going up. Now, those prices have reached Southern Oregon, but drivers from other states aren’t complaining, because California drivers say the prices in Oregon are a dream come true compared to what they are seeing at home. Some of those drivers have been coming across the border to fill up in Oregon, that’s because California prices have reached an all-time average high of $4.61 per gallon.

Meanwhile in Oregon, the average price is $4.06 cents per gallon. Drivers say they were thankful to see the prices go down once they head into Oregon. One woman on a road trip from San Diego said she has seen the cost continue to rise the farther she drove.

“This was kind of a spur of the minute trip. So of course they went up 20 cents the night before we left. So we were paying $4.40 something, and they next day, the day we gas up for the trip, it’s $4.60 something,” said Lori Stadille.

The California price increase was because of refinery problems that caused a gas shortage. Officials at AAA say some of the refinery issues in California have been resolved, and they expect that to start to bring down the cost of gas.