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For a basketball player coming from such a small school, Caleb Allen is putting up some big numbers. However, the junior is quick to defer the praise he receives.

“I think I get way too much credit for what’s going on at this program,” said said. “It all starts off with who brings up the ball up the court and that’s point guards. And then our other big guys. If I don’t get the screens, how do I get the ball? I don’t. So I think they deserve just as much credit.”

Credit’s not something a small school like Rogue Valley Adventist is used to, but that’s just fine with Caleb.

“It’s always funny hearing people like, ‘You’re from a 1A school? What school?’ Then we tell them and they’re like, ‘I’ve never even heard of it.’ For 1A ball, it’s like territory,” said Allen. “1A ball is very real. It’s not that we go out there and do street ball. We play our hearts out every time.”

That passion is essential for players wanting to contribute for the Red Tail Hawks. Allen has done more than just contribute.

“He makes everybody around him better,” said head coach Michael Glasgow. “Everybody plays off his energy. If you look how hard he works, other kids have to work hard just to keep up with him.”

“My goal is honestly to be a spiritual and physical leader like I show them how to act on the court and how to hustle and how to do all that stuff,” said Allen.

It’s something his teammates appreciate. Wel,l that and his 29 points and 10 rebounds per game. In a game against Ioma linda on December 1st, Allen scored 46 points and grabbed 15 rebounds. But again, he credits his teammates, his coaches, and above all, his faith.

“No matter what, it’s all up to God what really happens on the court,” said Allen. “It really doesn’t matter if we win or lose. So just go out there and you play your heart out.”

Play your heart out, and when the recognition comes in, pass off the credit to those around you. That’s the Caleb Allen mantra.

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