Cal Fire Monitors Lightning-Caused Fires

By Bryan Navarro

YREKA, Calif. — A storm producing lightning moved through the region last night. Cal Fire officials say Monday’s thunderstorms were the biggest they’ve seen so far; they counted 88 strikes, starting at least two fires.

Cal Fire shows the storm’s surge through Siskiyou County. Witnesses say the clouds hung low and the thunder boomed and rumbled on for what felt like minutes.

Cal Fire knocked two lightning-caused fires in the big spring area, one of those fires cut power when lightning struck a main transmission line. Cal Fire officials believe some strikes hit where there was also precipitation.

They’re expecting the rain will hold down any smokes until the wind picks up and dries it out. They say the busiest firefighting days in their area, come a day or two after the storm.

5 of the 13 engines typically stationed in Yreka have been sent to the robbers fire in auburn. Cal Fire is expecting rain will hold down some fires for the next few days until the wind picks up and dries trees out.