Butte Falls Teacher Receives Donations

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BUTTE FALLS, Ore. — Teachers in one rural Southern Oregon school district are turning to the Internet to help get new teaching tools into the classrooms.

There’s only a handful of kids in Ashley Sinclair’s first grade class at tiny Butte Falls Elementary. At the small town school getting new supplies and resources can be hard. So, Sinclair reached out for help online.

“I got some new centers where kids were able to build words, sound out words and build words,” said Sinclair.

Sinclair went to donorschoose.org, and received 350 dollars’ worth of new tools to help her students learn to spell. Sinclair says some supplies can be hard to find, and expensive, without help from donors.

“It’s nice if you have a couple different ones because there’s a lot of different sounds you’re working on – beginning sounds, ending sounds, short vowels. So it’s nice to have the opportunity to have the different centers that are expensive, and they add up when you keep adding them,” Sinclair said.

A “Donors Choose” rep says it can sometimes take longer for rural school districts to utilize resources online to get newer teaching tools, but some butte falls teachers say those web sites are already valuable. They say it’s just a matter of looking beyond your geography to find the tools you need.