Businesses Prepare for Construction

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PHOENIX, Ore. — Empty store fronts and businesses on the move, indicators change is on the way at exit 24 and through the Fern Valley Interchange.

Two years ago when Debby’s Diner Co-owner Paul Hartnell saw construction in the future, he decided to look for a new location.

“Obviously we knew that they’d be coming in and changing that intersection, so we decided to go ahead and start pursuing a different location still close to Phoenix,” said Hartnell.

The diner re-opened at its new location in 2012 and now the pies are served just down the road.   Hartnell said the old location worked for his business, but congestion does build up.

“It was a good spot, we started off there and made it happen, we made it work, so it was good there, but it is a tough area to get in and out of,” said Hartnell.

The 76 gas station sits in the path of the planned construction and will be closing down Monday and moving across the street to a new location.

Even though Debby’s relishes the past, Hartnell said a good business always has to be ready for the future.

“Usually these situations, it’s kind of hard to move something and expect it to survive, but we did pretty well,” said Hartnell.