Businesses Prepare for Britt

Jacksonville BusinessJACKSONVILLE, Ore. — On Monday, Britt Festival will open up for the first time this year.  The concert is already sold out, and local businesses downtown Jacksonville are preparing for a rush.

Like every year, Bella Union restaurant said it’s expecting a busy Britt season. Typically Bella Union said it sees guests flood in before the concert, then that crowd clears out, and another crowd comes in after the concert.

Managers said they have hired extra staff for Britt season, and are taking other steps in anticipation for tomorrow.

“We have to order extra plates and knives and napkins and you know chef shirts and all kinds of things just to get ready for all of the people,” said Lindsey Pariani, manager at Bella Union.

Other local businesses like the Pot Rack said they are stocking up on shipment because they see an increase in business when Britt Fest opens.