Businesses Impacted by Rodeo

Central PointCENTRAL POINT, Ore. — The Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo is estimated to bring in 10,000 people this year.  Local businesses in Central Point are gearing up for the rush.

Abby’s Pizza is bringing extra employees on deck for the weekend. Managers said the rodeo is an event the pizza place looks forward to every year.  During the three rodeo, Abby’s says it sees a 25 percent increase in business.

Sonic Drive-In said it prepping extra food to stay ahead of the crowd.  They also double their staff to cut down on the stress.

“We’re not running around as much, it’s not as chaotic,” said Phil Castro, Sonic Drive-In manager.  “Everybody that we bring on is part of a team.  You know we work together and it is just a lot of fun.”

Downtown Central Point is welcoming the rodeo with open arms. Silhouette cowboys are posted up on street signs around town, and a banner is draped over the street.

Hotels in the area said they are seeing an increase in customers but still have rooms available.