Businesses Impacted by Pear Blossom

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The annual Pear Blossom Festival was a huge success this year, and that success is rubbing off on downtown businesses as well.

Some local businesses like Downtown Grounds Coffee Shop on Central Avenue chose to stay open during the parade because the Pear Blossom Festival brings in good revenue.

One manager at Downtown Grounds said there was a line wrapped around the coffee shop yesterday.  Some were new customers while others were returning customers.

“We don’t have the greatest visibility in the world so just having the streets packed with people really I just think upped our visibility,” said Michael Szczeseink, Downtown Grounds manager.

Other businesses like Al’s Cycle and Hobbies chose to close during the parade. Managers said during the parade business is dead, and there is no reason to stay open. However, they usually do reopen after the parade is over.

When they do reopen managers say they do see heavy foot traffic coming in for a couple of hours and then the store clears back out.