Businesses Impacted by Lost Ski Season

mt ash bizASHLAND, Ore. — Local businesses say they have felt the impact of losing an entire ski season, and said they are sorry to see the ski area close this year.

Steve Rowe, owner of the Ashland Outdoor Store, said the sale of skiing and snowboarding equipment has taken a hit during the last few months while Mt. Ashland has been closed. He said today’s news that the entire season will be cancelled was disappointing, but not surprising.

“Not unexpected. We haven’t seen any snow,” Rowe said. “It seems like we’re in a little bubble. There seems to be lots of snow on Bachelor, lots of snow on Hoodoo and around but not around here.”

Rowe said this year has caused the biggest impact he can remember, and because Mt. Ashland has never cancelled an entire season, he said he doesn’t have another year he can compare it to.