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MEDFORD, Ore. — Local drivers are concerned about a big electronic sign at a busy Medford intersection.

If you’ve driven through almost any part of the intersection at Crater Lake Highway and Highway 99, chances are you’ve seen the electronic message board for the Verizon.┬áThe sign shows ads and the time and temperature, but some local residents say its vibrant and constantly changing message is a distraction.

NewsWatch12 spoke with a state certified driving instructor who says she can see the sign several blocks away and says it looks like a television. She’s been contacting the city about the sign recently, hoping it will come down. She says drivers at that popular intersection should be fully focused on driving to avoid an accident.

The city planning director says the sign is perfectly legal. Officials approved its application, looking at the size and other features, but the sign code does not include a check of whether or not it interferes with traffic or serves as a distraction for drives.

The city planning director says the sign code can be changed and this issue is now something the city council wants to look over. He says they are planning to take a second look at the sign code soon; no official date for that session has been scheduled.

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  1. K Stenersen says:

    I am amazed that the city allows such a distracting sign at a key intersection. I guess they got really big permit fees and could care less about the safety of the citizens.

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