Business Owner Victimized By Vandals

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. – A Grants Pass business owner has been a victim not once, not twice, but 11 times. Burglars have broke in and vandals continue to strike her store.

For 32 years, Jan has opened up her store, Glamour Attire. While she makes people feel glamorous, Jan feels scared. In three months, her store has nearly a dozen incidents.

“Vandalized, burglary, whatever. There’s so many that i can’t even keep track of. They’re different people. I’ve caught four people in the last two weeks,” said Koski.

At night, her fears escalate. Jan lives in the same building where she works and someone broke in while she was asleep.

“They came back into my bedroom scared the living daylights out of my guest and they went running out,” she said.

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety said they’ve responded to all of her calls.

“A few days from this latest incident, she had a person who trespassed in the business. The officer that spoke to her on the phone, said that she requested just if they were located to be warned. So that would be one where she steered it to say no i just want the person warned,” said Deputy Chief Bill Landis.

Officers said location might play a part.

“The fact that there’s’ a lot of establishments, there’s bars at the north end of the town, there’s motels across the street past her so there’s foot traffic as well as the vehicle traffic,” explained Deputy Landis, “You know, sometimes that’s just a convenient thing and when she has property things out there, unfortunately, people can’t respect that.”

They’ve suggested ways to deter criminals, like taking away larger adornments and installing surveillance cameras.

“Even if it’s the same person or isolated, anytime somebody’s got a security camera with video or stills, of a person that’s responsible we circulate those,” said Deputy Landis.

If the criminals don’t stop, Jan fears she’ll have to resort to an option she doesn’t want to have to make.

“I mean, I shouldn’t have to go get a gun. I’d probably shoot my mother who’s not here and she’s not even here. And that’s not right. It’s just not right,” she said.

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  1. Jim says:

    Location may be a part??? Where in this town anymore is location not an issue? Police really dont do crap when you call them. I have had a buisness in town for years and have been broken into multiple times. They come out, look around, give you a case number and you never hear from them again. Its a joke. I say get a gun.

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