Business Recycles Newspapers For Pencils

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Local students who have learned the importance of recycling are now getting a look at how green efforts are helping.

On this Earth Day, TreeSmart Industries visited Hoover Elementary School. The Oregon-based company makes pencils by wrapping newspaper around a piece of graphite. A representative told the fifth grade students that one Sunday newspaper can make more than 200 pencils.

“A lot of recycling that people do, the product goes into a bin, and they’re not really sure what happens to it, but this closes the loop for them,” said John Snider, a
volunteer with TreeSmart.

“I learned how much it could help to recycle, than just throwing things away,” said Hoover Elementary 5th grader, Traven Battenfield.

The class gave TreeSmart old newspapers. Those papers will be used to make pencils with the school’s name on them.