Bus Drivers Prep for Return to School

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EAGLE POINT, Ore. — It’s been a four-to-five day weekend for many kids across the Rogue Valley, but it looks like that is finally going to change. Several schools announced Tuesday afternoon that class will be back in session on Wednesday, and crews are taking steps to make sure they arrive safely.

School District 9 transportation workers were out all day Tuesday making sure buses are ready to go first thing Wednesday morning. They said the days off allowed them to catch up on maintenance on those vehicles. Workers are adding fuel additive to make sure the fuel does not freeze overnight, de-icing brakes, and testing the automatic chains on some of their buses.

Even though they are planning for the best, they know some roads are still icy, especially in more remote areas. They said their drivers will take it slow in the morning, but said it will help them make sure kids get to school safely.

“We’ll be taking extra precautions,” said transportation director Tom Reimer. “Our drivers are really good about those snow areas, they’ve been up there a long time. Those drivers are real veterans, they know what to do, they’ve been up there every day it has had snow, so we’ll be good to go.”