Burrill Lumber Studs Return

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NEAR PHOENIX, Ore. — A local lumber mill that’s been out of business for more than a decade is resurrecting its most popular piece of wood.

Burrill Lumber Studs are back up for sale now in Southern Oregon, exclusively with the Home Depot. There’s one load here inside the store in Phoenix and even more in stock out front.

A big crowd gathered outside of home depot waiting for the first Burrill lumber load to be delivered. The mill in white city shut down 15 years ago. Now the Burrill family is using partner mills throughout the Pacific Northwest to create the product Burrill’s known for.

Mike Burrill, Jr. said the sticks were known for being kiln dried first, making the product strong and reliable. On Friday, Home Depot welcomed a shipment of more than 6,000 96-inch super premium white fir studs.

Former employees gathered with family members to watch the delivery on Friday. They say it was a great way to see some old faces and remember their time working for the mill.

“When you spend the greater part of your waking hours with a crew, they start to become like brothers and sisters to you…they’re just…I can’t explain it. They’re in a class all their own,” said former employee Earl Rohlf.

Home Depot actually approached the Burrill Family to get this project started, because they say they get requests for it all the time for customers. The two-by-fours are also on their way to dozens of Home Depot stores in the northeast. By the end of the month, they’ll be in 78 stores there, but this will remain one of the only places to buy the wood on the West Coast.

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  1. Judi Loveless says:

    Do you know how to contact Burrill Lumber directly ?
    We are having quite a difficult time finding 2×6 Kiln-dried wood.
    Since Burrill is doing 2×4’s on contract w/ Home Depot, I’m
    trying to find out if they do any direct orders, or special orders
    in the same thing, only 2×6, not 2×4. I don’t know who to
    contact to ask. If you have this information, could you share
    it with me or pass on my name/email on to someone at
    Burrill. Thank you so very much. Blessings in your day.

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