Burnout Continues on Whiskey Complex

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DAYS CREEK, Ore. – Firefighters at the Whiskey Complex are continuing burnout operations as a period of dry, windier weather approaches.

Command post officials say warmer, drier weather is expected to come in Sunday. Crews are focusing on the eastern flank of the Whiskey Fire, doing controlled burnouts before the vegetation becomes too dry and prone to ignite.

They say it’s short window of opportunity, but they won’t rush at the expense of caution.

“The lines have been holding, so we’ve been pretty lucky,” said information officer Alexis West. “So we’ll just err on the side of caution, especially considering you don’t want a burnout to get away.”

On Friday, burnout operations on some parts of the fire had to be put on hold because grasses were still too moist.

Officials say Saturday the fuels were being more cooperative.

Two of the three fires in that complex are contained, and full containment is expected Tuesday.