Burglar Takes $10,000 Worth of Items

By Sharon Ko

GOLD HILL, Ore. — $10,000 worth of property is gone from a couple’s home in Gold Hill and Jackson County Sheriff Deputies are still looking for the burglar.

The couple says they are still shaken up by this whole incident. They say at their home on the 1100 block of Foot Creeks Road in Gold Hill, a burglar ransacked their entire home, getting away with jewelry a gun and other items.

“I always have this feeling that something might go wrong or if we just go away and probably leave the house a few hours, someone might get in and probably harm us,” says Gigi DeMartini.

George and Gigi Demartini went to Portland overnight. They got back to find their garage door wide open.

“Although there is no sign of forced entry, but that particular, that particular latch is not particularly good,” says George Demartini.

The burglar took ten thousand dollars worth of items like the ones pictured here, but the Demartini’s say there are some items that can never be replaced.

“The real value is in the jewelry and the mementos that my wife picked up while she was living overseas and some of it inherited from her mother,” George says.

Jackson County Sheriff Deputies say as summer vacation approaches, locks your doors.

“We think in Southern Oregon, our stuff’s okay, it’s going to be fine, and even if we live out in the rural areas, we know all of our neighbors, but you know, times have changed,” says Jackson County Sheriff’s Office PIO, Andrea Carlson

Other tips deputies suggest have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers. The Demartini’s say they are taking those steps and more. While investigators look into evidence at the home, Gigi says she’s taking the matter into her own hands. She created a Facebook page called Rogue Valley Crimes where she posts burglaries in the area to alert others.

“Nobody has the right to take anything from anyone. And especially things you have really worked hard for,” says Gigi.

There is a reward fund set up through Crime Stoppers, offering up to a thousand dollars for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. The victims also say they will be adding an additional $500 to the reward.