Bunyan Brothers Get Makeover

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MEDFORD, Ore. — In 1955, a local carpenter built the Bunyan Brothers as a nod to the timber industry in Southern Oregon. Last year a local Boy Scout decided to re-furbish the large structure.

More than 26 volunteers worked more than 300 hours for more than a year to bring this piece of history back to Southern Oregon. Nathan Moir wanted to restore the structure as part of an Eagle Scouts project.

“I was interested in it because of its historical significance. I used to see it all the time when we drove down the freeway and it’s basically like a monument for the logging industry which basically built the Rogue Valley,” Boy Scout Nathan Moir.

After more than twenty years of wear and tear since the last time someone spruced it up Moir wanted to make sure his improvements last. The original wooden understructure was rotting, so part of Moir’s project was to replace it.

The structure is now stronger and more vibrant in color. The brothers’ jeans and red shirts were faded and the sun and birds messed up its finish. So, Moir brought in a familiar face. Frank Haynes painted it twenty years ago.

“He said, ‘last time I painted this whole thing by myself’, I was like, ‘are you serious’ and he’s like, ‘yeah I’m going to have your help this time because I’m not going to be able to move around as much,’” said Frank Haynes’s grandson, Brady Robinson. He helped paint the brothers this time around.

After the long hours and hard work, Moir could now marvel at the finished product.

“I’m just glad to get it over with. It was a big project it took over a year and it’s good to see him finally standing up back to where he was,” said Moir.

The structure is on display at Gate Number 6 at the Jackson County Expo, just in time for the fair next week.


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  1. Zach says:

    Very nice project and indeed, the timber industry is a huge part of this valley’s history. However, agriculture is what built it and continues to drive its economy.

  2. Zach says:

    And lest I forget, great job kid, fantastic idea to incorporate the family of the original painter, and great dedication to stick with it for so long.

  3. Beth says:

    He’ll be a government leader in no time…”26 volunteers worked more than 300 hours for more than a year…” and the kid is the one who gets the credit?!

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