Bullet Business Booming

MEDFORD, Ore. — The second Medford guns show in less than a month wrapped Sunday up with vendors reporting big business. Guns show organizer Wes Knodel says exact numbers of people through the door this weekend won’t be in until Monday, but he projects significantly more people visited this weekend’s show than the 2,000 who came through last month. A vendor who specializes in selling ammunition reports particular big business.

Surplus Amo and Arms associate Summer Miles said Saturday morning is when the biggest rush came as consumers wanted first take on what she had available. She said rifle ammunition is most notably seeing a spike and while she is glad things are selling, she said it means her work to replace the product begins.

“It’s going off the table but at the same time I have to replace it and the cost to replace it is just that much more expensive for me like it is everyone else, the consumer,” said Miles.┬áMiles says previous gun shows in Medford were not as busy as this weekend. Other gun shows are scheduled in the Rogue Valley in the coming weeks and months and vendors say they see no signs of demand dropping.