Buffalo Wild Wings Coming Soon

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Construction crews are breaking ground this week in Medford on a wings franchise.

This is going to be the entrance of the new Buffalo Wild Wings coming to the Delta Waters Road Center. The building doesn’t look like a whole lot right now but it is well on its way toward completion in November.

This Buffalo Wild Wings is the first of its kind in the state. Construction crews are creating a stadium-like atmosphere inside, something only Southern Oregon customers will experience.

The 6,800 foot building is just a shell now, but next week you’ll see more exterior work completed on the property near sportsman’s warehouse. It’ll seat about 300 people. The roof will go up in the second week of September and then interior work will begin. Crews plan to install plenty of plasma screen televisions during that time.

Some of those TVs will even be placed in the men’s restrooms, so guys won’t miss a minute of the big game. There will also be TVs outside at the patio seating area. There will be sprinklers out here during warm weather and heaters on the patio in the winter.


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  1. Ed says:

    Just what this town need’s another bar. Why do you need to drink to have fun? looser’s

  2. Lee Merwin says:

    As much as I love sports, i will be boycotting this restaurant due to their corporate ‘no guns’ policy.

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