Budget Cuts Affect OSU

CORVALLIS, Ore. — Administrators say the nation’s top research universities will lose millions in federal grant money including Oregon State University. 60 percent of funding for research comes from government programs, but now those programs will take a hit.

Officials say, an anticipated 5 percent cut will mean a loss of $10 million this fiscal year. This could mean 100 lost jobs, something the program’s vice president says he has never seen anything like before.

“This is a truly unique situation therefore we need to take it very seriously and one of the important things that we have to do is convey to our members of congress, our legislators in Salem, to the public in general what the consequences of these cuts will be to the research that we do at our university,” said OSU Vice President for Research, Rick Spinrad.

Spinrad also says this is just the first year and worries there could more impacts for the next nine years.