Brookings Harbor Cleanup Underway

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BROOKINGS HARBOR, Ore. – After several days delay last week because of rough ocean conditions, dredging of the Brookings Harbor Boat Basin is now underway. The project is designed to remove silt and other debris that washed in during the march 2011 Japanese tsunami.

This dredge is sucking up silt and pumping it through a 7,000 foot-long pipe, across the parking lot and dumping it about a mile offshore. The 14-inch diameter pipe floats on the surface, then extends underwater at it’s terminus offshore, into about 90 feet of water.

“It’s expelling the sediment about 25 or 30 feet below the surface. That’s why you look around, there’s no evidence of any siltation out here. It’s all going down,” explained Harbormaster Ted Fitzgerald.

It’s the same thing in the boat harbor where no silt is floating to the surface from the dredging action. It’s expected it will take about month to clear the muck from the boat basin.