Brittany Jensen: Amateur Athelete

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MEDFORD, Ore. — It didn’t take long for Chris and Aly Hollewijn to realize Brittany Jensen’s potential. Two years ago, the South Medford soccer coaches called her up to varsity for the program’s first postseason game in years. She was only a freshman.

“We could see that she was an explosive player and also a smart player,” said Hollewijn.

Two years later, Jensen is a junior and leading the Panthers to the top of the Southern Oregon Hybrid.

“In terms of that game intelligence, we see it in training and we see it in the games, but also just as a person, as a competitor, she just continues to find ways to get better,” said Hollewijn.

That game intelligence is like the reason Jensen has continued to improve since starting soccer in kindergarten.

“I’ve really just been playing soccer season after season,” said Jensen. “I’ve never really stopped for a season.”

She doesn’t really stop in season, either. Jensen plays for the South Medford high school team while also playing with her club team, Venom. She also played futsal, or indoor soccer, in the winter. The non-stop devotion to the sport is something her mother, and coach Kristina, noticed early on.

“When she was younger, I wanted her to be a little girl,” said Kristina. “So I put her in ballet, but when we started soccer, and that first time I signed her up for Rec and we went out there, it was just like she found it.”

“She’s kind of a soccer nut,” said Hollewijn. “She always seems like she’s, I mean, I know she’s really good at school. I know she’s a good student, but I don’t know what she does other than soccer really. She’s like one of those people.”

Despite being the daughter of a coach, Kristina says Brittany took it upon herself to improve.

“It’s not work to her,” said Kristina. “She loves this. On her spare time, she’s out practicing with the boys. She’ll go out and dribble outside. It’s just what she wants to do with her time.”

That’s the very reason why Jensen went from a freshman with potential to a top ranked junior in Southern Oregon.