Bridge Construction near Grants Pass

Applegate BridgeNEAR GRANTS PASS, Ore. — If you’re planning a trip to the coast on Highway 199 this summer, be ready for some possible delays west of Grants Pass.

Contractors are busy now building a detour bridge at the Applegate River over-crossing, so that a new bridge can be built there.

The old Applegate River Bridge is almost sixty years old and has a number of cracks that have been repaired. Getting a bypass bridge in place is necessary so construction of a new bridge can happen without interruption.

“The old bridge was built in 1955. It has cracks. It’s been repaired several times. And it’s fairly narrow across the top. So we’re going to build a new bridge on the same alignment. It’s going to be wider and we hope to have traffic on it for many years to come,” said ODOT spokesman Dan Latham.

The new bridge will be 520-feet long, 43 feet wide, with two lanes and ten foot shoulders. The project should be done by the end of 2014, and is billed at $5.9 million.