Breastfeeding Artwork Locally on Display

Breastfeeding Restaurant

ASHLAND, Ore. — An Ashland restaurant is featuring eye catching art for a very specific reason.

The owner of Pangea was “fed-up,” so to speak, with reports of breastfeeding mom’s being denied service around the country, so Roanna Rosewood decided to make her restaurant a haven for moms.

The colorful, bold artwork of local artist Ketzia Schoneberg is now on display around the restaurant. The paintings feature women breastfeeding children. Rosewood says there couldn’t be a more fitting subject to tackle since Pangea focuses on tasty, highly nutritious food.

“This is an important issue so I decided to do it,” Rosewood said. “I decided to do it because breastfeeding shouldn’t make us uncomfortable.”

The paintings will be on display through next week.