Deadly Crash Near Phoenix

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NEAR PHOENIX, Ore. – A deadly car crash claims the life of a Medford woman. Law enforcement officials say that accident happened last night on Pioneer Road near Phoenix.

Pioneer Road is very winding, and authorities say the driver was going too fast. The car lost control, and rolled into an irrigation ditch. For people nearby, it was too late to help.

Max Hamilton and his friends went out to investigate a loud crashing sound Tuesday night and found a car upside down in a nearby irrigation ditch. The friends helped two injured men out of a ditch, then tried to help the driver still inside.

“The three of us jumped into the water to try to see if we could get the girl out of the car. Because we didn’t know if she was underwater, how long she had been underwater. How long the car had been there,” says Max Hamilton. But it was already too late. “We tried to get the doors open, but the car was pretty totaled, and everything was jammed shut,” Hamilton says.

Authorities say the driver, 33-year-old Jamie Walls, died at the scene. 21-year-old Andrew Gilman and 24-year-old Kendal Wheeler survived and were taken to Rogue Regional Medical Center. The Jackson County Sheriffs Office says it appears the car was going too fast around the windy road it crashed through a fence and rolled into the Talent Irrigation Canal, but they say there may have been other factors. one of the surviving passengers, Andrew Gilman, was cited for possession of methamphetamine.

“At this point, we can say that speed is a factor, we’re also looking into whether alcohol or drugs played a role,” Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Andrea Carlson.

The accident reconstruction team has been called in to investigate, and try to find out what kinds of factors may have contributed to the deadly crash.


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  1. Steven Lange says:

    This actually happened on the Talent end of Pioneer Rd in the irrigation ditch dividing my property (StoneRiver Vineyard). The young girl was driving and flip her car upside down into the irrigation ditch trapping her underwater. Friends of hers said her and the two males that were in the car were coming from a campfire. Really sad…

    1. Newswatch 12 Staff says:

      Thank you for sharing that information with us, Mr. Lange. Our reporter, Steven Sandberg, is currently covering the story and would like to hear from you. You can give him a call at 541-261-3670.

  2. Parent of one of the boys says:

    I am the mom of one, both boys have some serious injuries, but will be ok thankfully, very saddend by the loss of thier friend. My son didnt mention a campfire just said they were taking someone home, but the details are a little sketchy at this point

    1. Steven Lange says:

      I’m very thankful your son was ok. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the other families involved.

    2. Newswatch 12 Staff says:

      We’re glad to hear your son is okay. We currently have a reporter covering the story. Do you feel comfortable talking with him? If so, please give him a call at 541-261-3672, his name is Steven Sandberg.

  3. Steven says:

    Who was it? I know a lot of people in the area, I went to south. Hope the two others are okay.

  4. Newswatch 12 says:

    If you have information about the crash please call our newsroom at 541-773-1212 or E-mail us.

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