Break-In Attempt Stopped

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A woman in Grants Pass has her house broken into, catches the suspect on the way out, and three minutes later her property is returned. Grants Pass Police say it was part good fortune and part good thinking on the part of that victim.

At 12:42 in the afternoon, a woman on Meadow Glen comes home to see someone running away through her backyard, and at 12:45 that man is being taken to jail and her property returned.

According to reports from Grants Pass Police, the suspect was 20-year old Jacob Cottrell. Police say it was fortunate the homeowner happened to come home at the right time, and that they happened to have officers so close by.

They say the victim also did a good job of describing Cottrell and the direction he was headed, but despite the win, neighbors say this isn’t the first time the area has seen houses robbed, and most don’t end so well.

“I think it’s getting more so… A lot worse. Every day it seems like there’s just so many of them in town,” said Georgia Bushnell, a neighbor, who is also a past burglary victim.

Police say daytime burglaries are becoming more and more common in the area. They also say it’s increasingly rare to see cases solved so soon, as slim budgets are restricting the area they can patrol.

As for Cottrell, he was already on probation for previous felony burglary charges. Police say that will likely result in an extended sentence. This case comes right before the county votes on yet another public safety levy proposal in the November ballot.

NewsWatch12 will have ongoing coverage on that measure and the results next month.