Break In At Medford BMX Track

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MEDFORD, Ore. – A Rogue Valley BMX track has been broken into for the 8th time since last summer. The BMX track at Bear Creek Park was most recently broken into sometime between Sunday night and Tuesday morning.

The burglars took two racing bikes that are used for children who either don’t have a bike or can’t afford a bike. The vandals also got away with snacks from the snack bar and damaged the building when they pried the doors and windows open.

In the past, a computer has been taken, along with hundreds of dollars in snacks and other equipment. After each break-in, more measures are taken by track officials to secure the facility, but this time they are calling for additional help.

“This usually only happens at night and it’s very secluded, you can’t see. So Medford Police has down what they can do with their resources. I think the city of Medford, talking with them, we could probably figure out a way to use their resources as well,” explains Shelli Campos, the BMX Track Operator.

The track is a non-profit organization and hosts races three nights a week. Campos says no one walks away empty handed and each participant gets either a ribbon or trophy, even though they are now facing more replacement cost after the burglary. Medford Police say they don’t have any suspects at this time despite the multiple break-ins.