Brammo Hiring More Employees

By Sharon Ko

ASHLAND, Ore. — Brammo is adding more employees by the end of this year.

The company does its manufacturing overseas in Hungary but as it’s production grows, more of the bikes are built locally in Ashland. The CEO of the company says employees are working double shifts to keep up.

By the end of this year, Brammo will be hiring between 10 to 15 nonseasonal employees who will be full-time. Brammo says it’s exciting to be able to expand the company and hire employees in Southern Oregon.

“Especially ’cause we were able to do that during the bad economy. It’s starting to feel it’s getting a little better but I think clean tech business can really thrive now,” says CEO Craig Bramscher.

Next year, the company will be hiring at least 100 more employees.
There’s only a few job postings available for now on Brammo’s website. The company says it’s looking for potential applicants who have a manufacturing or engineering background.