Brammo Expanding to Portland

ASHLAND, Ore. – Brammo is looking north to attract more engineers for its company. Brammo is searching for a location in Portland now and plans to hire about 10 new engineers.

The CEO says Brammo currently has engineers that commute from Portland to Ashland. At the same time, the company has been getting a ton of interest from potential engineers in Portland. So, to meet current needs and find potential employees, Brammo decided to create a location there.

The CEO says he could easily see the Portland location grow hiring more employees such as service technicians. Brammo in Ashland will soon move over to the former Talent Wal-Mart store. The company bought the building in July and is currently coming up with some designs for its new space.

Drive Oregon also awarded a $50,000 state grant to Brammo. The CEO says that money will be put toward its latest developments.