Brammo Buys Walmart Building

By Christy Lewis

TALENT, Ore. — The Walmart building in Talent will close its doors. Soon, people driving by could see a display of motorcycles instead of shopping carts because the Ashland-based motorcycle company Brammo is buying the building.

Business is booming for Brammo; right now, the demand for their products is high. The CEO says this purchase is all in response to the market.

The company will create its headquarters inside the 100,000 square foot building, its research and development team, assembly, and sales headquarters will also fill the vacant store, but all of this won’t come without a little remodeling.

The CEO said there may be a few immediate jobs along with this expansion. But, folks should expect more job openings to pop up down the road as long as the business keeps booming. The CEO is happy to keep business in Southern Oregon and recycle a building. The Walmart customers NewsWatch12 spoke with seemed indifferent to the new business coming in and remained disappointed about the loss of the Walmart store.