Brady Adams Bronze Bust Unveiled

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Members of the Grants Pass community held a Brady Adams tribute at Riverside Park to celebrate the legend’s service.  Folks gathered to write thank-you notes, look at old photos, and see the unveiling of a bronze bust of Adams.

His accomplishments around his community have garnered him much praise, but this self-described introvert says the sculpture is bigger than he is.  “It’s not just a bust of me, but it’s a bust really that represents a community of spirit of coming together when there is a need and helping each other in any way they can,” says Adams.

You can see the bust at the Taprock Northwest Grill in Grants Pass.

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  1. Juli Dennis says:

    I saw the video clip of the Brady Adams story on the news at 6pm last night. Do you know how I can get a link to that video? Thanks!!

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