Boyfriend of Missing Woman Speaks Out

7-23 jbo missing woman

RUCH, Ore. – The boyfriend of a missing Ruch woman spoke out about her disappearance for the first time.

Stephanie Warner, 43, has been missing since July 4th. Her boyfriend, Lennie Ames, was last seen with Warner at a July Fourth parade in Ashland. He says he’s speaking up out of concern for his girlfriend and a desire to see her home safely.

“Well it’s been really tough on me to say the least. I miss her very much, the animals miss her, and as each day goes by it just continues to get more and more hopeless,” said Ames.

NewsWatch 12 is complying with a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office request to avoid releasing additional details about the investigation for now.

The Sheriff’s office says making too much information public could put the search for Warner at risk. The sheriff’s office says they expect movement in the case in the coming days or weeks, and at that time coverage will continue into the situation.