Huddleston Sentenced to Life in Prison

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Rogue Valley man convicted of murdering his wife was sentenced today to life in prison.

Wearing prison garb and in shackles, Bourne Huddleston showed no emotion as the sentence was handed down, and did not speak when given the opportunity. Huddleston was convicted of trying to hire two people to murder his wife, Kristy, in March 2012, and then committing the murder himself. Judge Lorenzo Mejia said he would recommend that Huddleston not be eligible for parole.

Members of Kristy’s ¬†family spoke during the sentencing today. Kristy’s mother, Denise Esselstyn, said she can’t forgive him. Kristy’s sister, Melissa Esselstyn, said he lost her trust in Huddleston.

“The world will never be as bright without [Kristy],” she said.

The emotional week of testimony took its toll on everyone involved. Deputy District Attorney David Hoppe said he had never experienced anything like this in more than a dozen years as a prosecutor.

“[Huddleston] is probably the worst human being I’ve ever dealt with,” Hoppe said.

Mejia told Huddleston he had no sympathy for him.

“Your only concern is yourself,” he said.

After the sentencing, members of Kristy’s family hugged Hoppe and prosecutor Laura Cromwell, and thanked them for all of their work during the case. Family members said they felt justice had been served, but said Kristy’s death is still painful.

“It’s kind of surreal,” Denise Esselstyn said. “I still can’t believe that this has actually all happened, even though it’s been two years.”