Bourne Huddleston Faces New Charges

MEDFORD, Ore. — An ex-Marine accused of killing his wife is waiting to enter a plea in a separate case, where he’s charged with conspiring to kill a witness.

On Monday afternoon, Bourne Huddleston appeared in an arraignment hearing on allegations that he and his sister engaged in murder for hire against that witness.

Bourne Huddleston was originally accused of hiring someone to kill his wife, Kristy, and then doing so himself, that was in March 2012, but on Friday, a grand jury indicted Huddleston and his sister, Genetta Huddleston-Coradetti with new charges these new charges allege that Huddleston and his sister tried to hire someone to kill a witness in the grand jury proceedings.

Huddleston’s sister, who is indicted as a co-conspirator, lives in Martin County, Florida. She was arrested and placed in jail last Friday. As of now, the original charges placed on Huddleston and the new indictment are being treated separately.

This latest indictment includes nine counts of attempted aggravated murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and solicitation to commit murder. Huddleston is also indicted with ten counts in the alleged murder of his wife. The no plea means Huddleston’s arraignment will be extended. It is set to continue May 6th.