Murder Suspect’s Wife Defends Husband

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The wife of a man arrested in connection to an Ashland homicide is coming forward saying her husband’s roommate is the one responsible.

Frank Damiano was found dead last Thursday. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office arrested Merlin Elmo Bound at his home. He is facing charges of murder, assault in the first degree, and robbery.

On Wednesday, Bound was arraigned. After the arraignment, his wife, Malinda, spoke to NewsWatch 12, saying her husband is innocent and the roommate is responsible.

“I know he left the county. I don’t know if he’d ever come back now that he knows someone else is taking the fall for it. But I hope that they can catch him. I really do, before this goes any further,” said Malinda.

The wife did not want to release the name of her roommate. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is refusing to comment on the case and won’t confirm on the record that Bound’s roommate is a second suspect.