Boise Cascade To Reopen Plant

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WHITE CITY, Ore. – A Southern Oregon timber company is reopening a White City plant, and it’s bringing dozens of jobs with it; that plywood plant had been closed for nearly four years.

Boise Cascade’s Rogue Valley Plywood Plant closed its doors in 2009 because of the economic downturn, and a poor market for wood products, but now the gates are being opened, and work will soon begin again at the plant.

Boise Cascade announced it is reopening the plant next year. A company spokesman said they plan on hiring about 40 to 50 workers, and they are now taking applications. Those workers would start at the Medford plant and will transfer to the White City plant when it is opened in 2013.

Boise Cascade says its seen a slight increase in demand and has been able to get a larger market share and experts in the Southern Oregon timber industry say this could be the first sign that companies are adjusting to the market and the industry is starting to slowly recover.

Boise Cascade is now accepting applications at its office in Medford. The Rogue Valley Plywood Plant should be officially opened at the beginning of 2013.