Boil-Water Order for Portland Lifted

boil water[UPDATE] The boil order has now been lifted. The Portland Water Bureau says any food made with water on or after May 20 that is not thoroughly cooked above 165 degrees should be discarded. Tap water is safe to drink for all customers of the Portland Water Bureau, but they recommend flushing all taps for 2 minutes before drinking.

[PREVIOUS] (CNN) PORTLAND, Ore. — A boil water order has been issued for the city of Portland.

The presence of total coliform and e-coli was found in three samples of routine drinking water. The Tri-County Health Department is monitoring the water.

“In the public health department and throughout the state, we monitor for bacterial diarrheal illness, and we will be able to detect if there is any increase. I don’t think, in the situation we’re in, there will be any detectable increase in diarrheal illness,” said Tri-County Health Officer Dr. Paul Lewis.

The Portland Water Bureau is performing an investigation to identify the cause of the contamination. Contamination can occur when there is a loss of water pressure, a pipe breaks or exposure to outside elements.