Boatnik Festival Draws a Crowd

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The Boatnik Festival is the second largest festival in Oregon, and now in its 55th year, it is still bringing in a crowd.

Hundreds of people packed the pathways, either lining up for their favorite carnival ride or food vendor.

Saturday is the busiest day for vendors so far this year.  The parade is to blame for most of the foot traffic, but there are also boat races and other happenings at the festival, and plus it is the weekend.

One food vendor said the key to success is being prepared.

“Come two days early, cut up all the onions, prep everything, make sure you have everything in stock, and just kind of keep total from last year,” said John O’Donnell with Southern Oregon Food and Beverages.

Mostly everyone said they not only look forward to the carnival rides and fair food, but they also look forward to the social aspect that the festival brings to the area.

All of the funds raised through the Boatnik festival go to the Grants Pass Active Club, and from there it will be returned to the community to help support local children and youth programs.

The festival will continue through Monday.