BLM Staff Back At Work

Medford BLMMEDFORD, Ore. — Staff and foresters from the Bureau of Land Management are back at work.

Public lands and camp sites that have been closed during the government shutdown are re-opening to the public. The BLM Public Affairs Officer, Jim Whittington, says it’s great to have staff back at work and recreation sites opening again before the weather changes.

“Trails are open, rest rooms are open…we have an environmental education program where we bring in kids on school buses to talk about nature at McGregor Park, and that will start up tomorrow, so things are getting back to normal,” Whittington said.

The BLM office has a sign on its front doors letting people know that some services may not be immediately available. Jim Whittington says some employees are still making it back from vacations with their families and all the areas will be open shortly.